Cody leads this month's Nest pod with Ben, KVV and Casey as we welcome the newest member of NLU to the Nest pod.

We then look at the Roost lineup with some new chapters joining the family and the events scheduled for the upcoming year. After that, we dive into the 2024 Trap Draw Goals podcast with some critiques and observations from the goals the guys put forward (29:40) before unveiling our own personal goals for the year ahead.


Process Based goals

  • Maintain + Handicap
  • Maintain top golfer at NLU
  • Top 10 at Kansas Mid-Am
  • Win an event
  • Play Sand Hills
  • Hit 190 ball speed
  • Stay below 180 pounds all year

Decision Goals

  • 7 full days this year without my phone
  • Facilitate 3 friends group hang out sessions



  • Handicap down to 15 (currently 18.1) - stretch goal 14 - super stretch 13
  • 50 birdies (had 29 in 2023)
  • Find a coach to see regularly once moved (anyone have any Vegas coach recomendations that are not Butch Harmon?)
  • Bring scoring average of posted rounds down to 90 - in 2022 scoring average was 98.6 over 73 posted rounds, 2023 average was 95 over 80 posted rounds. Looking for 100 posted rounds in 2024 with the move to a year round golf area.
  • Do short game practice at least 30 times (30 minutes)
  • Play in at least 2 non-NLU/refuge competitions
  • Win my NIT flight


  • Eat less meat/dairy - aiming for 800 plant based/vegan meals (approx 73%)
  • Strength training average 1 x a week (52 workouts)
  • Yoga average once a week (52 sessions)
  • Cardio 3 x a week - walking golf counts! - (150 workouts)


  • Make/Craft something every month (12 things)
  • Continue my DuoLingo streak (sitting at 49 days right now in Italian)
  • Read 6 books this year (I tend to just read a bunch of articles - need to get back into some long form reading)


  • Get down to 2017 weight (243)
  • 10 five-day streaks of Peloton
  • Break 80 ten times
  • Take 10 golf lessons
  • Play in three tournaments at my club
  • Five new golf courses in Maryland
  • 10 new golf courses overall (five outside Maryland)
  • Read 10 books
  • Charge my phone on a different floor than sleeping at least 5 nights a week
  • Spend two hours per month with Molly and Sophie
  • Don’t read the comments as much
  • Plan/take one trip with my wife to new city



  • Play 50 rounds of golf
  • 6 hours a week of practice
  • Play with more new people
  • 10 + rounds with no doubles or worse
  • Get back to 0.0. But realistically be low enough to qual for US Am


  • 24 in 24. And maintain it!
  • 24 Dates with Yari
  • Coach the Pink Panthers to the league title
  • Run 500 miles
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