Editors Note: Timestamps originally built for audio only version. There could be a slight time shift for this video.

We are ten years into No Laying Up, a text thread among college friends that's turned into more than any of us could have imagined. Come along for a three hour conversation about the origins of that initial text thread, the website (21:30), the first podcast (35:00), Justin Thomas marking the first podcast appearance from a tour pro (55:30), the first detonation of golf television coverage (1:09:00), our Rory-DT news scoop (1:23:00), the first Tourist Sauce (1:50:30) and Strapped seasons (2:14:00), and a ton more.

A more extensive list of some of our favorite web posts, tweets, and other moments from the last decade:

First Post on website: https://nolayingup.com/blog/murder-suspect-caught-pounding-balls-in-pga-superstore

Update to that story: https://patch.com/georgia/woodstock/woodstock-murder-suspects-plead-guilty-get-prison-time

July 2015 - Viral Tiger Tinder tweet: https://x.com/NoLayingUp/status/621377723177533440?s=20

Feb 2016 - TC pens “An Eye on CBS - An Intervention

July 2017: The Sistine Chapel of Tourist Sauce: https://x.com/NoLayingUp/status/889533605273382912?s=20

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