The #TourSauce has been sprayed all over the place in 2014. Back in January, we brought you How to Act Like a Tour Pro, Part I, then followed it with Part II, Part III, and finally, Part IV. Kyle Porter has given you the #TourSauce Power Rankings. Adam Sarson has a #TourSauce GIF collection. Even tour pros Scott Langley and Billy Horschel have taken their turn in stirring the sauce.

The first three rounds are in the books, and we’re ready to crown our champion. The duo that captured the hearts of tens of American fans awake watching the Ryder Cup are now going head to head to for #TourSauce’s most coveted title. The #Saucies.

We’ve already documented the cases for each sauce in Round 3, but we included them below as well, in case you are a new voter. Now we need your help crowning our champion.

(As always, thanks to Adam Sarson for the GIF’s)

Jordan Spieth’s Wayward Drive Point at Augusta


Patrick Reed’s Tee Grab Skip

The Case for Spieth, from Soly:

Spieth is a youngster in the game, but a seasoned vet when it comes to the sauce (as evidenced here.) Spieth exudes emotion on the course, and he does this through a thorough marinating, rub, and basting process that had to have been a family sauce recipe that has been passed down for generations. He came in at #5 in Porter’s power rankings, and he sprayed his Texan BBQ Sauce all over the United States (and the world) on a weekly basis this past season.

The sauce above is the best because of the situation. This is the back 9 on Sunday at Augusta National. It’s one of the most famous holes in golf, and Gerry Lester Watson, Jr. had just hit a 363 yard fade around the corner and basically did the Michael Jordan shoulder shrug as he walked back to his bag. Jordan sets up for the big sweeping hook, but Dikembe Mutumbo thinks he blocked this thing. He then proceeds to go into a majorette routine with his driver as if he’s leading the band out of the tunnel at a UT football game.

I’ve looked more interested in a bad shot at my local muni than Spieth does here. THIS IS THE MASTERS. After dropping the baton, he gives a lazy Wayward Drive Point as if he’s already thrown in the towel. HE’S TWO SHOTS BACK AT THIS POINT. The double sauce combination of the Follow Through Club Throw and the point, along with the setting, makes this the sauce of the year for me.

Patrick Reed Skipping the Tee Grab

The Case for the Tee Skip, from Chad Coleman (aka @HashtagChad):

If you know me, you know I loooove me some Pat Reed sauce. I missed this shot live, but when I first laid eyes on this GIF, I knew immediately it would be in my all-time top-5. Let’s break it down:

He had just missed a short putt, and he was fuming, which is peak sauce time for P Reed. He’s running so hot that no matter what happens on this tee shot, he’s not gonna like it. He hits this drive so far and so straight that he does’t even have to watch it land to know it’s 30 yards past his competitor in the geometrical center of the fairway. “Hey Poults, feel free to use that tee – it should still have a little GOAT on it.”

For the closing act, and what’s probably my favorite part about this sauce, is the blatant disregard for any sort of club twirl after the swing. He doesn’t loosen the grip on his left hand until he goes to hand driver to his caddy, as if to say, “A club twirl is not worthy of that drive I just hit.” It’s not something you see every day, and that’s why it’s 100% clear to me that there’s nothing better to take home the trophy in the inaugural Saucies.

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