The people have spoken. In an upset of epic Brad Stevens proportions, Patrick Reed battled from a middle seed to slay the dragon and win the #TourSauce of the year award, with this showcase of fury and frustration at the Ryder Cup in September. To see the field that he triumphed over and conquered on his march to the title, check out Round 1 here.

I think this award is more of an honor for his epic overall #TourSauce performance at the Ryder Cup. Patrick sprayed #TourSauce all over the PGA Tour this year at levels not ever seen before on this planet. To call him a sauce connoisseur would not do justice for the piping hot portions that he served on our platters during his epic 2014 campaign. A cook who specializes in making sauces is called a saucier. As Reed seemingly created a new #TourSauce category on a weekly basis, I think this is a fair title to anoint him with in honor of this triumph.

Let’s hand it over to Patrick for his reaction to winning the first ever Saucies.

(Special thanks to Adam Sarson for the GIF’s, Chad Coleman and Kyle Porter for the contributions, and everyone else for voting and sharing.)