NLU Podcast, Episode 151: Lydia Ko & Karen Stupples

From the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship outside of Chicago, we got a chance to sit down with one of the biggest stars in the game, Lydia Ko. We discuss her preparation for a major championship, her struggles in recent years and how she’s gotten back on track this season, her cycle through a lot of caddies, and why she doesn’t see herself playing the game past the age of 30. We also got a chance to chat with Karen Stupples from the Golf Channel after a tremendous day playing the Pro-Am with her on Tuesday. She has a fascinating story of growing up in England, coming to the states to play golf, getting sponsored to pursue golf professionally, and becoming a major championship. She also has some great perspective on the game from her time as a commentator, which she graciously shares. Thanks so much to both Lydia and Karen for the time.

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