NLU Podcast, Episode 55: Ireland Golf Trip

By popular request, I debriefed my recent trip to Ireland playing some of the greatest golf courses in the world. This is my first ever attempt at a solo podcast, so please be gentle. I’m hoping that this podcast is evergreen, and can help anyone with motivation or planning an Ireland golf trip at any point over the next decade plus. I talk about what this experience was like, where to stay, what courses were my favorites, and a whole lot of other stuff that I find intriguing about links golf.

Throughout the podcast, I make many references to the posts I’ve made on the individual courses. You can find those here:

Portmarnock (still need to update for the second time around)





Carne (coming soon)

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Inventor of #TourSauce, always waits for the green to clear, and club twirl savant.

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6 responses to “NLU Podcast, Episode 55: Ireland Golf Trip

  1. Great podcast and I wouldnt worry about doing them by yourself, was a great listen! If you played this for the tourist board they will probably send you a cheque! You should definitely head to the north-west again, courses are spectacular around there.

  2. Loved this podcast, I live in Ireland and this really reminded me to appreciate the amazing golf on our doorstep. Will recommend highly.

  3. This trip sounds amazing and you did a great job showing the readers/listeners that with the passion you brought to the podcast and this write up. As someone planning this trip with my father and brother it was really great to get another reminder how fantastic these courses are and how special a trip it can be. If you had to choose either this trip or Scotland which one would you recommend (assuming you can play 4-5 rounds)? Thanks again for the podcast.

    1. Matt,

      Thanks for the message. If I’m looking at the cost comparison, Ireland was much cheaper. The pound has decreased since I went in 2015, so it would not be as expensive in Scotland as it was when I went, but it is a similar golf experience than Scotland.

      However, I actually recently went back and listened to the Scotland podcast me and my buddies did, and I had forgotten how much fun we had on that trip. So if I say Ireland, I may be saying that with a bit of recency bias. There seems to be a lot more history and familiarity with the Scotland courses we played, and that’s the advantage that Scotland has. Additionally, the infrastructure of the roads is much better than the western coast of Ireland. You can do the trip we did (Old Course, New Course, Jubilee, Kingsbarns, Crail, Carnoustie) and never be in the car more than 45 minutes. Ireland, there’s a bit more hopping around (to get to the courses that we played, which are simply more spread out).

      Combine the fact that you can stay right in St. Andrews, bar hop at night, not have to stay in a different place every night, etc…… I may have to lean Scotland, but only ever so slightly.

  4. Great podcast, this really makes me want to move this trip up my bucket list. I’m curious…is there a maximum handicap that should preclude hack golfers from considering playing courses like these? If my friends and I go out and shoot 95-100s have we just destroyed the pace of play, tarnished other people’s rounds that they’ve been dreaming about for years, and disrespected these beautiful courses?

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