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Episode 3: Bob May

In this episode of the TrapDraw, we sit down with Bob May, 2000 PGA Championship runner-up. If you’re like us, we only really know Bob from his duel with Tiger at Valhalla, where he provided some of the most riveting golf we’ve ever witnessed. Our goal with this interview was to get to know Bob May more in-depth, and man, he did not disappoint. We trace his beginnings in the game in Southern California through a standout junior and amateur career into the professional ranks. Bob was extremely candid about his experiences on Tour, and provides fascinating insight into his early struggles to retain his card. By the time he arrived at Louisville in 2000, he had travelled the world playing golf for several years, highlighted by a great run in the late ’90’s on the Euro Tour. We of course examine his run at the PGA where he describes what is was like to play against Tiger in his prime. The final portion of the interview focuses on what he’s up to now (he runs a teaching academy in Las Vegas, see below for more information, and wants to get healthy enough to compete again). We sincerely thank Bob for his time and generosity–as you’ll hear we tried to wrap up the interview a couple times wanting to respect his time, but he allowed us to keep going. Fantastic guy, tremendous insight, and any passionate golfer heading to Vegas ought to explore the lessons and playing opportunities offered through his Academy. Our many, many thanks to Bob and we hope everyone enjoys the conversation.


Information about the Bob May Golf Academy can be found at his website,




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