It's Oscars season! Randy and DJ watched all nine of the best picture nominees this year and share thoughts on each movie, plus give out some of their own awards. The two are joined by Neil Schuster, the March Czar, who saw several of the nominees and joins in where applicable. This is a long pod, but instead of splitting it in two we'll let you be your own boss and break it up as you see fit. The first hour is awards, while the second hour is discussion on each nominee: Ford vs Ferrari (1:00:12), The Irishman (1:04:16), Jojo Rabbit (1:14:49), Joker (1:25:57), Little Women (1:31:56), Marriage Story (1:35:54), 1917 (1:45:55), Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (1:50:26), and Parasite (1:55:25). We should warn you there are light spoilers but we try our best to avoid anything that would detract from your enjoyment of the movie. Be warned though.