We've broken a TrapDraw record for episode length, folks, so needless to say there's a lot in here.

In Hour 1 TC, Randy & KVV run through current events--the Tonga volcano/tsunami, the Burkina Faso coup, Ukraine, Buc-ees, the respective tenures of Randy Edsall and Ralph Friendgen, and the ineptitude of the NCAA's Mark Emmert, to name a few topics.

Hour 2 begins with a wonderful discussion around KVV's recent ESPN piece, "The Unfiltered Year of Aaron Rodgers."

At about the 1:40 mark, discussion turns to the coaching and quarterback fits of those teams searching.

Finally, at about 2:12 minutes, attention goes to the NFL Conference Championship games and what's at stake, including an impassioned defense of Zac Taylor from Randy.

Lots to unpack, for sure, but we hope you enjoy!