In today's episode we talk to architect, writer, and author Jim Hartsell about his new book, "The Secret Home of Golf: The Authorized History of King-Collins Golf and the Creation of Sweetens Cove". Available now for pre-order from back9press.comĀ the book will ship in early September--perfect timing for you to get ahead of your Holiday shopping. Before discussing his book on Sweetens Cove, Jim discusses the influence Scottish golf has had on him, as well as classic golf writing. In fact, Jim has a series on Scottish golf currently going at our website,, and has pieces in 'The Golfers Journal' and 'Links Diary'. He and Randy then get into his new book, how it came to be, and a little bit of what it's about. Jim's passion for writing, Scottish links, and that wonderful little 9-holer set into the Sequatchie Valley in Tennessee permeates this discussion. Enjoy!