Welcome to the first of four episodes exploring Tom Coyne's new book, "A Course Called America". While not a new concept broadly speaking, this book series is a new adventure here on the TrapDraw. And who better, and what better, to give it a go than Tom Coyne and his new book. The hope for this series is for listeners to pick up "A Course Called America" (details for that below), read it, and then tune in to hear an in-depth discussion of what they've just read, featuring not only Tom and Randy but special guests from the book. The Series schedule will be as follows:

Part 1: Introduction--Thursday, May 20th

Part 2: First Half of the Book--Thursday, June 10th

Part 3: Second Half of the Book--Thursday, June 24th

Part 4: Conclusion--Thursday, July 8th

In today's show, Randy chats with Tom about the genesis for the book, how it differs from his Ireland and Scotland iterations, what it's like to plan a 50-state, 300-round golf odyssey, and so much more. Enjoy!

To order your copy, visit Tom's website today!