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Peter Malnati wins the Valspar Championship for his first PGA Tour win in nine years

What went down: Yellowball slaying Peter Malnati wins the Valspar Championship to wrap up the Florida swing. The mules have evolved into the wolves, Animorphs style!

(2:30) Peter Malnati’s BDE deserves its flowers. We were indeed moved – he was very candid about just how much this meant to him! Players week is always tough to live up to, but Valspar put together a cool week.

A little bit about Peter’s Sunday: He bogeyed 4 but birdied on 6, 10, 11, 12, and a massive birdie on 17 after hitting it to 6 feet from 198. He also topped his second shot on 5.

Precocious Cam Young couldn’t get it done! But when will he?

(18:57) What is the point of the Signature Event right now, if no one big time is showing up?

(24:00) Weird PR storytelling programming! Which feels unfocused, given the super duper parity right now.

TC praises Randy for an idea he forgot he had.

(31:00) S/O to Keith Mitchell – while he had a tough week, it seems like he’s figuring out what’s wrong with his game!

We extend some performance reviews to some others, including Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth.

(43:00) The PGA Tour app was cooked on Saturday. Are we losing players to LIV over this? (insert sarcasm font)

(44:00) The Big Bahamas Assembly, or Spring Break 2k24, depending on how you see fit, took place this past week. The PGA Tour Advisory Board gathered as Yasir rushed the PGA Tour’s fraternity.

(51:00) Chef TC goes down the leaderboard and serves up the Canadian special (Hadwin T-5, Sloan makes the cut), Carl Yuan, Bez, Billy Horschel.

We need to cast a more watchful eye on Sungjae Im. Winding up in the Cam Young category.

Nelly Korda wins the FIR HILLS SERI PAK Championship in a playoff

(54:30) FIR HILLS, whatever you do, you were great!

Nelly sweeps in on another Sunday and grabs another win. Nelly fought some tough conditions but says she’s dug into a more artistic way of playing golf. Despite the tight coverage windows, there was some nice variation in how the course was presented.

This was her 10th LPGA victory. She will most likely reclaim the No. 1 ranking from Lilia Vu.

(1:07:05) Korean brokers have come and bought up all the public L.A. golf course tee times and are reselling them to golfers at gouged fees. Nasty stuff!

(1:11:30) Congratulations to Neil, who welcomed a baby boy to this Earth!

(1:14:00) TC and Soly are en route to Scotland this week! TC was beaten in his match play club championship.

Asterisk Talley won the Girls’ Sage Valley Junior Invitational, while Giovani Bignahi won the Boys’ division.

An NLU Fantasy Baseball Draft took place this past week – if we reach 5k subscribers on our podcast channel, we will make it available to view, so you can clown all involved (feat. The Pro)

Best take: (1:01:00) Nelly Korda’s revival in the context of what she had to live up to, re: Lilia Vu, is beyond impressive. It’s a storyline that deserves a larger platform! Hard to think of another comeback story rivaling that at the moment. Shouts to Randy for highlighting this.

Worst take: (18:57) The Valspar is fine, but let’s be more aggressive toward full-field events. Less is more, and I’m happy for guys who can change their careers, but these are tough watches without the star powers! But since the mules are out to play, I’m so dearly confused about what any of it means anymore. I don’t know how much easier we can make it for the wolves than these limited fields. Can anything save the PGA Tour? (Yes, which is why you should listen to our Improving the Product podcast).


TC: “Somebody the idea out there that if you miss the cut in one of these signature events that has a cut, like Bay Hill or Memorial or Riv, then you can’t tee it up in the next Signature event.”

Randy: “That was me.”

(34:08) Randy: “I’ve never been more surprised to read Chandler Phillips was a Texas A&M guy. God, that made so much sense.”

Soly: “Honest question Randy: Had you heard of Chandler Phillips before this week?”Randy: “No.”

Referenced works: LA Times: Golfers sue city of L.A., calling out failure to stop black market in tee times

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