779 - Sentry Recap

What went down: (0:00) Randy needs more plums! Or do we need a little more Chris Kirk? Chris Kirk opens up the season with a win at The Sentry in typical Chris Kirk fashion by narrowly avoiding a playoff with Sahith Theegala after birdieing the 17th hole for a score of…29-under.

Is low scoring a problem with this venue? Soly contests otherwise, adding that it feed to his golf nerd-ism. D.J. wholeheartedly believes uninvited resort guest Rahm would have blown the doors off of the field. Maybe THAT’s why he had to go to LIV.

Other Kapalua reactions follow, including Randy declaring that each member of the squad could par the 18th to hold on for a DUB.

(36:00) Is Scottie gonna stop living in denial of his putting demons? Are WE in denial of his improvement?

According to Data King Soly, Scottie has only lost strokes on the green in 3 out of his past 25 tournaments.

(40:00) Unpacking Kevin Kisner’s broadcast debut and how insightful and personable he was. Lots of great anecdotes feat. Homa and Cantlay. We want more Kisner!

(49:35) More thoughts and context on Rahm hanging around in Maui. Maybe he didn’t want to waste the money, but uh, didn’t this guy just sign his soul – I mean, athletic ability in exchange for exorbitant wealth?

(53:00) The guys collectively cringe at Jason Day’s newest fits…

(56:30) Discussing the audacity of Jordan Spieth to wear a very visible collar.

(59:30) D.J. explains the bootcampish rookie orientation the PGA Tour players endured, which involved flying to Honolulu, the location of the Sony, before many had to Monday qualify to get into that same event the next day. Mandatory good luck luaus are a thing, I guess.

(1:04:35) Debuting the SERVPro Mulligan segment, where we catch up on some mea culpas. Soly offers an apology on not seeking further context on Rory’s LIV comments, Neil on Clarence Thomas, Randy on Jordan Love and an NLU archival apology from D.J.

(1:16:42) Neil, who wasn’t present for the Happy Hour 2023 superlative showcase, reveals his own: the Bad Milk Award, the Fredo Award, the Prestige Worldwide Award, Worst Commercial of the Year, the Garbage Plate and What the Hell is Happening. He also offers his own 2024 predictions.

(1:26:15) Following up on the 2024 Goals podcast, the crew provides a dub update.

Best take: (59:30) The vocal mules are ignoring the bigger issues: Mandatory rookie luaus. Come on. A consensus, but D.J. is the one to bring it up in the first place – awarded to him.

Worst take: (53:00) I’m not going to bat for Malbon, because I think Jason Day’s fit was fairly egregious. However – I’m all for mixing the streetwear into golf vibe. The IYKYK of it is simply not…boasting the fact that you are being a superduper edgelord or whatever, which is probably what turns you all off! D.J. led the charge here, despite the consensus, so it goes to him.


(14:00) “Very much enjoyed that his kids are named Foster, Sawyer and Wilder. Those are peak Georgia names. Neil, maybe some future Marist school. They scream SAEs at UGA.” -Randy

(55:20) “I measure the passage of time by how old Dash Day looks.” -Soly

(1:15:50) “Chez – I can’t believe that he signed mule letter. Can’t believe he would let me down like that. Broke my heart. -Neil


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