Soly catches up with Michael Kim for a true golf nerd discussion covering:

(2:30) His social media presence and embracing his role as one of the Mules on tour.

(7:15) His opinion on the decision makers on potential outside investment into the tour and how important the effects on his level of player will prove to be in the decision-making process.

(16:10) The depths of the struggles he dealt with in his game, working to find a way out of those struggles and the search for the right swing coach to help in that process.

(37:10) A more thorough explanation of some of his tweets regarding how pros approach their swing thoughts, the distance debate, and more.

Here's a sneak peek at Soly's conversation with Michael... (Note: Answers edited for clarity and conciseness):

Soly: You've enjoyed a career renaissance, is that a fair phrase to say? Before we get into that, if I pull up your Data Golf page, there's a lot of red in the strokes gained off the tee category for several years there. Take us into what was going on there, and how you dug yourself out of that.

Michael Kim: Oh man, I mean it's so red. They might need another color for how red it was back then. It's a few years, right? It's not like a three-month process.

Soly: For those that are not looking at the numbers, it goes: 2018 -0.107 -1.58, -1.84, -1.31. So four straight years there of losing more than a stroke per round off the tee.

Michael Kim: And guys like Rory and John Rahm are gaining like a full shot. To me, that's not just a two-stroke difference. That's also the amount of stress I felt like I was putting on myself during the round. It started in 2018. I get off to a not a great start in the year and I'm missing cuts. And even if I make cuts, I'm finishing 60th, 70th, barely hanging on.