Big Randy and Cody are back with a recap of the latest from the women's game including Lexi's performance on the PGA Tour, the last couple of LPGA tournament results, recent interviews featuring Rose Zhang and Mollie Marcoux Samaan, and more.

Then in part two (45:00), we're joined by Gabi Ruffels to talk through her year on the Epson Tour, her transition from high-level junior tennis to golf and a look ahead to her upcoming year on the LPGA Tour in 2024.

Time Stamps

(45:25) Off-season life update from Gabi

(47:47) Life on the Epson Tour, missing the Q-Series registration deadline

(52:48) Finding enjoyment by simplifying golf, learning to win, turning her professional golf career around and dominating the Epson Tour

(01:01:41) Having professional tennis players as parents

(01:04:17) Gabi's golf strategy

(01:08:40) Getting a late start in golf, how starting tennis instead helped

(01:12:23) Goal-setting, future aspirations outside of golf

Here's a sneak peek at Randy and Cody's convo with Gabi... (Note: Full answers edited for clarity and conciseness.)

Randy: When you talk about improving your standard, were there certain things in terms of your golf game that you really keyed in on last off season prior to this year? I'm curious how you went about raising your standard.

Gabi: I kind of went back to, I guess my college days and my amateur days and how I enjoyed playing golf. I kind of went back to keeping it more simple, which is how I've always enjoyed doing it ever since I started at 15. I kind of went back to that I think when I first turned pro. I tried to be a pro, I guess, and kind of change some things that I don't think I really, I guess, needed to change and added a few things here and there. I feel like I've kind of learned this year is just trying to be more of myself and trust myself and what I was doing and knowing that it was good enough.

And I feel like that's kind of what I've gone back to this year and worked super hard on, you know, a few different things. But yeah, just trying to, just kept it simple, which I've really enjoyed.

Randy: Just for those that might not know, from the time you were very young up until what, 14-15, you played high level junior tennis in Australia and competed in international tournaments. How much do you draw on that tennis experience and does anything with the mindset helped you in your golf career?

Gabi: Yes, for sure. I would say so. A lot of people ask me if I would trade I guess my tennis years and have started golf earlier. I would say no. I feel like it's definitely helped me, especially with the mental side of things for sure. And knowing how to work, the work ethic, the competitiveness. And I feel like when I stopped playing tennis, I was so used to that really intense work ethic and I feel like I kind of transferred that into golf.

I definitely feel like that's helped me and the competitive side of things. Learning how to close out a match, how to win, how to remain level out there. I feel like all sports can kind of correlate mentally for sure.

That's also why I kind of drawn my parents' experiences with their tennis 'cause I feel like a lot of it definitely correlates. I wouldn't trade my tennis years and definitely feel like it's helped me.