Show Notes is a weekly summary of what went down on the Sunday edition of the No Laying Up podcast. Want the TLDR and every reason to listen? A recap of the recap, if you will! Words and research by Jordan Perez.

What went down: Soly and TC are joined by Randy in his mom’s basement, who spent his week at the LPGA Kroger Queen City Championship. Soly and TC publicly address their heated Ryder Cup debate. Everything is OK here.

(4:50) Another week without the PGA Tour but, the golf continues on! The guys recap Vincent Norrman’s victory at the Horizon Irish Open, where he vaulted himself with a 7-under 65 final round to claim a one-shot victory for his second victory in three months. Not a bad month for Florida State, TC acknowledges.

There was another close call to start Rory’s Sunday…but he felt like swimming after hitting four shots into the water. The nail in the coffin? He was three back by 16 and tripled that hole.

That said, there should be more of a concerted effort to assemble and market the coffee golf product. Whatever happened to the Rolex series? TC demands this should be at an interesting links course. The guys wrap up the conversation with a few more Irish Open-adjacent gaffes, including a Hamsterdam from Soly.

(12:30) A look at Randy’s week from the grounds of Kenwood Country Club, who is happy to report he spectated some proper golf – and some of that thanks to the sheer fact that Kenwood Country Club is days away from a renovation, and let itself go (specifically, not watering the greens). The Minjee Lee vs. Charley Hull duel proved itself to be one of the most exciting moments of the LPGA season – including Charley’s nearly playoff-winning putt, which was a few yards off the green post-TIO that landed just a centimeter short of the cup. Minjee ended up winning on the second hole, after an incredible wedge from the rough that landed just a few feet for birdie.

With the Solheim Cup less than two weeks away, Randy dishes some takeaways. To the surprise of few, he has still not migrated away from Team Europe – but gives Team US its proper due.

(25:50) More insights from Randy’s week home in Cincinnati. Randy’s family hosted Madalene Sagstrom and her caddie, Shane. Randy’s mom attempts to make the two feel at home by displaying their respective flags of Sweden and Ireland…only to mistakenly display Argentinian and Italian flags. All tough first impressions aside, Randy’s family had a blast hosting.

A few more on-course kudos from Randy, including Alexa Pano and Yealimi Noh. There was a contentious LPGA meeting, spearheaded by the leadership putting out a proposal to award four LPGA cards to the top LET finishers who do not have LPGA membership this year, which rubbed some players the wrong way. A formal merger is also under consideration, but the PIF’s role could increase in tandem, as well. Is there a communication breakdown between the commissioner and the players?

(38:00) More Ryder Cup chat, feat. accusations of the non-golf grass at Marco Simone, fashion faux pas from Team USA, and some missing faces from a trip abroad. Is there some friction on Team USA? There were some randos in the team room. Makes you think if there’s a Blockie activation on the way, TC speculates. Justin Thomas gets a putting lesson from Steve Stricker?

Is Marco Simone setting up to be extremely underwhelming? It’s so hard to accurately pinpoint what this Ryder Cup is meant to test.

(48:00) Let’s get into the guys’ golf games. TC and Soly dive into their experience with his new Titleist T-series irons. Randy learns he didn’t need to stray away from the T-100s.

(53:00) Can’t end a Sunday recap pod without some PGA Tour chatter – TC reports that there are some rumblings that the folks in Ponte Vedra might be shopping their private equity options if the PIF deal falls through. At this point, the guys are mostly rooting for the best path back to good competitive golf – and this might be it.

Disclaimer: We’re not backing down from the fact that we still believe this is sportswashing RE: Saudi Arabia’s human rights record.

(56:50) Let’s go over the DraftKings contest final standings. Spoiler alert: The disgraced Vision Fund finished DFL. Randy, our fourth-place finisher, gets to choose his fate between a 100-hole hike or 24 hours in a Waffle House.

(1:01:30) What’s going on with the Ryder Cup coverage?

Friday: 1:30 a.m.-12 p.m. on USA Network

Saturday: 1:30 a.m.-3 am. USA Network

3 a.m-12 pm. NBC

A featured match will be showcased on Peacock – unfortunately, fans won’t get to watch whichever match they’d like.

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Best take: (10:00) Can we actually try to make coffee golf a thing? There’s a deeper incentive here, especially with a huge coverage opportunity on weekend mornings in the fall. (Sorry, golf – you’re losing anything past noon).

Worst take: (20:00) Hard to find much disagreeable here other than I am Team US all the way for the Solheim Cup. Think it’s a lot closer than Randy insists!


(36:56) “I’m not even gonna chime in. It’s just gonna get me worked up about Jay Monahan again and all the extraneous bullshit…” -TC

“Are you chiming in? Or are you not chiming in?” -Soly

(41:00) “Furyk’s wearing his ‘99 Brookline shirt. Can’t let go of the past.” -TC

“You’re flailing really early! We got weeks to go before this thing. Why are you so concerned about what the US team is doing?” -Soly

(54:15) (On PGA TOUR x PIF) “I’m not quite there yet. I’ve got a few chaos bones left in my body. Would love to see what Yasir’s about if he gets left at the altar.”

(1:00:00) “Come have some coffee and fellowship and talk some shit with TC.” -TC


(1:30) This episode is brought to you by our friends at Titleist, who have just debuted their new T-series irons. Visit the Titleist website to find a fitter or an event near you.