Show Notes is a weekly summary of what went down on the Sunday edition of the No Laying Up podcast. Want the TLDR and every reason to listen? A recap of the recap, if you will! Words and research by Jordan Perez.

What went down: In what’s likely the latest Live Show of all time, DJ rallies stateside Tron and abroad Cody and Randy for a BIG recap of what went down at Walton Heath, Memphis and more!

(2:40) Lilia Vu headlines a massive week of golf by winning her SECOND major of the year by six shots! But before the gang gets into that, a moment of shame for Randy for setting the all-time record for oversleeping on Tuesday of the Women’s British Open, resulting in a hell of a wake-up call from Cody. Randy jumps into the backstory of how he and Cody ended up on the AIG Women’s Open radio broadcast.

(20:00) Woven into the pod are a few tales from the road from the radio duo.

Randy and TC unpack a big theme: Lilia Vu might have effectively answered an ongoing “problem” in the women’s game – parity. Not only did she become the first American to win the AIG Women’s Open since Mo Martin 2014, but we’ve seen little repetition in major champions of the past four years, which has made it hard to establish who is the best of the best. But in the context of winning twice earlier this year and overcoming injury, the new world No. 1 has deservedly earned that spot – and broke a 24-year drought of two majors in a year set by Juli Inkster in 1999.

Along the way, the guys address a few concerning performances, including Nelly Korda’s 74.

(34:30) Randy makes a case for legitimizing Charley Hull via her Solheim Cup success – and her overall swagger! Charley’s had quite the hot girl summer, and even if she couldn’t close out her country’s open, that’s worth recognizing.

(37:00) Would it be a high-level British sporting event without climate protestors? Randy and Cody saved their censored thoughts for the live show.

(42:10) Randy drops his critiques on the AIG Women’s Open. Branding, radio and Champion Golfer of the Year are all covered. Also has high praise for the AIG Women’s Open fan atmosphere! Players made it a point of distinction, even Lilia Vu in her winning speech. The rest of the calendar should take note.

(50:00) Moving onto HAWT HAWT Memphis, where another Lucas Glover win kicks off the first PGA Tour playoff event! Glover defeated Patrick Cantlay in a playoff to capture his second consecutive PGA Tour win. TC, ever the Tommy lad apologist, is going through it.

(1:00:00) Glover has gone from 0 to 100 with his putter – and had some big-time highlights this weekend. At this point, we probably can’t  leave him off the Ryder Cup team, right? We’re starting to get a better idea of what the Team USA picture looks like.

(1:10:30) Patrick Cantlay is obsessed with the FedEx Cup playoffs – which has had a lot of branding trouble – until they pared it down to 70! A nuanced discussion on how this played out IRL, and how successful it actually was.

(1:20:30) LIV Bedminster. Cam Smith won by 7 shots, and Ripper GC won by 11 over the Crushers. D.J. shares a funny anecdote from his own experience at Bedminster. Oh yeah, the Phil and Bryson video.

(1:27:20) Using the U.S. Women’s Amateur as an example (handheld cameras, smaller production crew) – an event dressed up in the fanciest, high-tech arrangement isn’t going to interest anyone if there’s no substance.

(1:28:55) Coined the “horniest organization in America” by TC, the boys dive into the ongoing disarray of the PGA Tour.

(1:39:50) U.S. Women’s Amateur brought the heat at Bel-Air! Auburn’s Megan Schofill defeated LSU’s Latanna Stone 4&3. Shoutout to Rachel Heck for an incredible comeback week.

(1:41:00) Sam Flood will be taking over for Mark Loomis at Golf Channel as the SVP of production. Farewell to Ducks Inn. Shoutout to Joel Beall for his true crime feature. Some extra delirious baseball chatter…until a huge development on the apology front unfolds (see below).

Best take: (42:10) Randy is indeed right. The AIG Women’s Open has so many good things going for it – why can’t branding be one of them? It’s hard to want to rep the event with that unfortunate logo.

Worst take: I’m struggling with the worst take this week, though I imagine if Soly were here, he’d probably say Lucas Glover couldn’t be on the Ryder Cup team or something akin to the Brian Harman take. Can I award it to him anyways?

Mea culpas:

(1:48:15) Not so much a mea culpa, but an update on the Tardy tension — Randy and Bailey Tardy have buried the hatchet, he claims!

Down the leaderboard menu:

(46:30) AIG Women’s Open:

T6 Ewing - “Her irons didn’t look good, and her driver didn’t look good on Saturday.” -TC

T6 Yin - Earned a TC shoutout.

T21 Yamashita “I’m not buying what she’s selling.” -Randy

T44 Zhang “She looked out of sorts. Bad with her wedges. D+ game.” -Randy


(38:10) “Charley pulled that iron shot left into a crazy ass lie…these protestors had proper golf etiquette. They could have pulled the smoke and ran out onto the green when that whole debacle was going on, but they waited until after she hit that shot to pop that pink smoke.” -Cody

(45:30) “I got a nickname I’d like to offer for Allisen Corpuz. Can we call her something about gingivitis? It’s a death that creeps in through the gums. You don’t quite see it coming until it’s too late.” -Randy

(1:03:40) “I will say – my Denny McCarthyism take – he finished DFL this week.” -TC

“A bit of a red scare. No red numbers for Mr. McCarthy.” -DJ

(1:20:40) “It is golf for the ADHD generation. I’m old, I’ll admit, I’m old.” -Randy

Referenced works:

(1:10:50) Golfweek: The meltdown in Memphis

(1:36:20) KVV’s column on Jay Monahan

(1:44:00) Joel Beall: The true story of a golf pro's lies, fraud, threats and tales of murder


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