Show Notes is a weekly summary of what went down on the Sunday edition of the No Laying Up podcast. Want the TLDR and every reason to listen? A recap of the recap, if you will! Words and research by Jordan Perez.

What went down: “Substitute teaching” or a permanent replacement? Whatever you say, TC. He’s back to host another Sunday recap pod, this time joined by KVV! (Congrats to Soly, who became a dad this week. Perspective OTW!!!)

The two dive into PGA Tour regular-season finale in the Wyndham Championship, where Lucas Glover emerged victorious for his fifth PGA Tour win two strokes ahead of Byeong-hun An and Russell Henley. The putter plagued Glover, forcing a switch to a long putter that seemed to break the curse.

(8:30) 511 events, 59 top-ten finishes, 26 top-fives and five PGA Tour wins later, Lucas Glover has made a lot in his 19-year career.

(9:45) The guys talk Glover sounding off early in the week on the downsizing of the playoff system in going from the top 125 to 70. Both disagree with Glover’s larger point – a playoff is meant to reward good play.

(17:00) A recap of Lucas Glover’s Sunday, featuring some very interesting breaks (a cop, a creek, things of that nature).

(23:30) Down the leaderboard with a very brief ping-pong tangent inspired by the family history of runner-up Byeong-hun An.

(30:30) Digesting KVV’s poorly aged Justin Thomas Ryder Cup take. He believes he’ll still get picked! Unreal. Exploring who could take his place.

(36:00) Bryson’s 58 and all things LIV Greenbrier. Did Brooks’s words wake up Matthew Wolff? And a few more closing items from Sedgefield – stoking the Matt Wallace flame. Team Europe captain’s picks, as well as giving the FedExCup rankings some serious consideration in the one week of the year that they matter.

(56:45) Time to unpack Tiger joining the PGA Tour policy board! Tiger joins Patrick Cantley, Charley Hoffman, Peter Malnati, Rory McIlroy and Webb Simpson working alongside Ed Herlihy, Jimmy Dunne, Mark Flaherty, Mary Meeker, soon-to-be-announced Big Randall Stephenson’s replacement and PGA of America Director John Lindert.

The two go over the certain steps the player leaders requested, including the involvement and approval of Player Directors before any major decision is made and Colin Neville (Special Advisor to the Player Directors) being clued in on the state of negotiations in the Framework Agreement and provided access to any documents and information necessary on behalf of the players. (This smells a lot like marriage counseling, I imagine?) Stop pretending to be happy about the PGA Tour “working things out,” Phil…

(1:05:00) Let’s react to the new schedule leak. Not too many changes, but enough to brew some conjecture. Going back to Bryson – sounds like he’s back! A 58 is a 58, even if the setup was bringing in other low scores.

(1:14:16) Shouts to Celine Boutier for following up her win at Evian with a two-shot victory at the Scottish Open. Transitioning into some Women’s British Open chatter. KVV chats about his experience playing Walton Heath.

(1:17:40) Some quick hitters including the Western Amateur, Angel Cabrera’s prison release, end of the Korn Ferry Tour season, conference realignment, U.S. Women’s Amateur at Bel-Air and Jack Nicklaus losing his Name, Image and Likeness case.

Best take: (9:45) The rebuttal to Lucas Glover is totally valid. 70 is a lot. Forcing me to care about 125 players? It’s not like everyone outside of 70 is SOL. You still have some status. Play better!

Worst take: (30:30) KVV is still somewhat attached to the JT Ryder Cup take. It’s over. Let it go.

Down the leaderboard menu: Light refreshments this week from the Wyndham Championship.


T2 Byeong-hun An - “Both of his parents are Olympians.” -TC

4 Horschel - “I’ve been critical of Billy in the past. He can be a loudmouth, but so can I.” -TC

T5 Webb Simpson - “First top-ten since March or April?”

T5 Michael Kim - “Became a good golfer again, but also a delightful Twitter follow.” -KVV

T7 Adam Scott - “Adam Scott being 43 makes me feel old.” -KVV

T7 Adam Svensson - “Let me down this week. The fund was relying on him.” -TC

T12 Justin Thomas - “Valiant effort, I’m just not buying the whole Ryder Cup thing.” -TC


(17:00) “Going back to Lucas, he had a couple good breaks down the stretch. On 18…hits it off of a cop. Try that in a small town, Lucas.” -TC

(25:45) “We had a ping pong table in the basement growing up, Neil and I. I think we had fist fights at the end of ping-pong matches, broken paddles, all that kind of stuff.” -TC

(54:57) “Would Phil have been like Romo, though? Where you love him the first two seasons and then you go ‘God, f*ck this guy.’” -TC

“What a quick summary of Phil’s entire personality.” -KVV

(1:33:20) *Jack Nicklaus impression* “‘I mean, Andy Katzenmoyer, he got to sell his name back in the day…’” -KVV

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(9:45) Adam Schupak story on Lucas Glover’s thoughts on new playoff system

(45:30) Matt Wallace angry at Sedgefield quote

(57:00) PGA Tour press release on Tiger joining the PGA Tour policy board

(1:05:00) Twitter: Phil weirdly celebrating Tiger joining the policy board

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