Jeremiah Wilber is a Warrior in every sense of the word. He was born in Ennis, Montana graduated High School in Las Vegas, Nevada and quickly enlisted in the US Army as Military Police (MP). As an MP, Jeremiah served two combat tours and completed the Sapper Leader Course and Army Ranger School. After graduating Ranger School, Jeremiah completed Special Forces Assessment and Selection serving in both 3rd and 10th Special Forces Groups as a Special Forces Communications Sergeant. As a Green Beret he deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq. Jeremiah retired in 2020 and turned his attention to raising money and supporting veteran nonprofits. He is the founder of War Party Movement, an organization focused on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons. Additionally, Jeremiah is a member of Bear Hug Cattle Company, a non-profit focused on providing horsemanship instructions to veterans.

You can follow Jeremiah on Instagram @jeremiah_blackbeard & @warpartymovement

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