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2023 Ryder Cup: A New Era For Team United States

Years of strategizing means that this time, the Ryder Cup will be different for the United States. But what about the result? Check out this in-depth preview by Soly. READ

KVV Mailbag: 2023 Ryder Cup Edition

In this Ryder Cup-themed mailbag, KVV discusses the idea of paying Ryder Cup participants and assembles his Ryder Cup dream teams and imaginary boxing matches. READ

Driving and Crying

Even in its commercialized nature, KVV taps into how the spirit of caring is the Ryder Cup's most transcendent quality. READ

  • NLU Podcast, Episode 745: Ryder Cup Preview with Shane Ryan

    With our resident Euro supporters in transit home from the Solheim Cup we call up Shane Ryan for a thoroughly biased American preview of the 2023 Ryder Cup which (finally) begins this week in Rome.

    We take a final look at the course and some recent setup changes, the American's approach to the event, our picks for MVP and LVP plus some other predictions and a few listener questions as well.

  • NLU Podcast, Episode 734: Last Four European Ryder Cups

    It's time for another deep dive from Soly and KVV - this time we look back at the last four Ryder Cups on European soil. From the blowout win at the K Club in 2006 to Le Golf National in 2018, we examine every detail in each of the home European victories from the most memorable moments to the many shortcomings from the Americans, the controversies, the fashion.... or lack thereof, and a ton more. Settle in for this one!

  • NLU Podcast, Episode 735: 2023 Ryder Cup Roundtable: Post Captain's Picks

    Each of the twelve man teams are set for Marco Simone - time for another Ryder Cup roundtable with Soly and Kyle Porter vs. Tron and Jamie Weir. We begin with Soly and Tron trading haymakers on Ludvig's inclusion on the European team and their respective histories of opinions on the Swedish Ryder Cup rookie. After the Ludvig shouting match concludes (28:00), we settle down for some additional thoughts on the makeup of the rosters, those who were considered and not selected, potential pairings and a ton more.

  • Office Hours: The Ryder Cup

    Professor Wolfie opens up the class by exchanging Ryder Cup memories with Soly, before the two jump into a comprehensive breakdown of the Ryder Cup: Who was Samuel Ryder? When did it open up to Europe? Who are the ACTUAL Ryder Cup legends? The guys then engage in a debate about pay, the historical placement of the event and venues/timing.

    The first official Ryder Cup match was contested in 1927 between the United States and Great Britain but was quickly paused after a decade due to World War II. For years, the competition was dominated by the United States before Europe emerged as a competitive force after its inclusion.

    Office Hours is presented by Holderness & Bourne.

  • NLU Film Room: Marco Simone

    D.J. and Soly visit Rome, the Italian Open and play the 2023 Ryder Cup course Marco Simone.