Welcome to Ryder Cup week! Below you'll find the latest content organized by day, featuring podcasts, on-site pieces, commentary and more. Be sure to tune into our live shows after coverage ends each day.


  • NLU Podcast, Episode 746: Ryder Cup Pairings Preview

    Pairings are out for the first session of the 2023 Ryder Cup, and we break down each match, each grouping, what we think happens in the afternoon, our reaction from seeing Marco Simone on Thursday, and try to contain our excitement for the best event of the year.

  • NLU Podcast, Episode 747: Friday Ryder Cup Recap

    The Euros were dominant, the Americans - and the TV coverage - stunk, and we've got a 6.5 to 1.5 score after day one of the Ryder Cup. We break it all down, make some apologies, and look ahead to the remaining two days of competition in Rome.