01 SEP 2021 - WALK IT IN

Walking it Back:

We’re at the final event of the 2021 season for the season long Draft Kings preview. Have you had some fun? Maybe lost some money (or nuggies)? Welcome to the world of gambling on golf. How about the season we’ve had on the course? Beyond some of the Bryson Brooks drama that always takes the headlines we’ve had first time winners (Kokrak x2, Higgo, Van Rooyen, Davis, Ancer), guys who haven’t seen the winners circle in a while (Finau, Cink x2, Glover) and guys who shocked the world in majors (Mickelson).

For the season long race for the Draft King crown there is one more opportunity with $15 million on the table for the winner at East Lake, and for the women at the Solheim Cup in Toledo, OH. Soly continues to hold onto a lead, but as he noted, there is going to be some be some serious grip it and rip it this week for the mid table trying to find some last minute nuggies.

Let’s recap this past week and see where guys are laying their final 100 nuggies.

Randy needs a miracle. Plain and simple. Can’t cut it any other way. Not sure there is enough value this week in East Lake and at Inverness in Toledo, but the big man had 0 outright winners this year and had another 0-fer week last week to take his tally to 18 for the season. It’s been a tough ride for Randy but could we see another Tourist Sauce Oregon like performance in the upcoming season?

DJ went the wrong way down the stretch this season. It was unlike some clutch performances we’ve seen from him on Tourist Sauce Carolinas, but the nuggies weren’t bouncing in his favor. It is hard to be the artist in the sportsbook when you’re chasing, but he did have 4 outright winners for the season.

Tron, currently in third, is still battling the narratives this season. Has one player ever had to overcome so much? His Heinz and parlay options being stripped from him, Trainer Act, suspension...you name it and TC dealt with it. We’re not sure there is a whole lot of committee support for his airing of grievances, but he managed to persevere and find 2 winners across the season.

Then we have Neil who really came on strong to finish the season. The beluga did in fact breach! It was a roller coaster season for Neil who battled with Randy in the pouch and now sits squarely in second with a near 1,000 nuggie lead on TC. Not only did we follow the beluga’s many travels, but we had some memorable #chezfest moments and a season best 6 outright winners.

And our Draft King himself, Soly, has the lead but there are a lot of hungry dogs on the trail. As Mark says, just cause you’re hungry doesn’t mean you’ll eat! He’ll have to deal with some real hail mary’s from the guys down the board but to this point he has had the best season with 4 outright winners.

For the Walk it In guys they wrapped up the season last week with the BMW Championship. Jeff invoked “never leave the gym on a miss” to hit Patrick Cantlay outright at 25-1 for his 4th outright win of the season, and had a top 10 on Cantlay to boot. Mark also didn’t leave the gym on a miss and had a nice week with EVR Top 20 and a Webb Simpson Top 10. He also can thank steady eddy Patty Cant for putting together a nice finish to force the playoff. The Walk it In guys will be back for Ryder Cup action in two weeks!