For those curious, below are some images of the 2021 Nest Member Gift:

  • Nest Member Laundry Bag (inspired by Neil & Cody using their high school football and high school wrestling laundry bags on NLU golf trips).
  • Custom Nest & Strapped Koozies
  • Nest Sticker Sheet

The Nest is a community of avid golfers and No Laying Up fans around the world. As part of the annual benefits (listed in the link above), Nest members receive a thoughtful NLU member gift. We ship out the member gift to all members in the previous calendar year in January of the following year (so 2021 gifts go out in January of 2022). Any leftover member gifts will be for sale in the Nest Collection of the Pro Shop (no guarantees there are extras though).

All 2022 members can expect their gift in January of 2023. And no, we do not share what the gift will be in advance because there aren't enough surprises left in the world!

(member gift does not include hickory golf club!)

And here are a few creative uses we've seen for repurposing the 'team issued' laundry bag (Nest members are an industrious bunch):

Headcover (created by @nohio on our Refuge Message Board

If you're looking for more pictures, jokes, compliments, and of course, complaints regarding the 2021 Nest gift, we've got a whole thread on our message board just for that!