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Georgia Natives at The National – (via Gate City Sports)

Hello Friends.

With the world’s best rolling down Magnolia Lane this week, we’ve partnered with our friends at Gate City Sports to deepen our Master coverage and spice it up with some local analysis. They’ve kicked things off with this piece – Georgia Contingent looks Masterful at Augusta, and it’s eye opening to see how much golf talent is coming out of the great State of Georgia.

The piece above examines ¬†up-and-comers like Roberto ‘Red Lightning’ Castro, Harris English (too big to fail), ATM Machine Chris Kirk, and Patrick ‘FIGJAM’ Reed and offers good analysis of veteran DSGB’s (Down South Georgia Boys) Gerry Watson Jr., Larry Mize, and NLU’s starting Defensive End Matt Kuchar.

There is a classic video in the GCS post of Augusta native Larry Mize burying his 1987 chip (and Greg Norman’s soul) in sudden death. Naturally, I watched the entire clip, which lead me to the video below – SportsCenter’s top 10 Masters moments. It’s a pretty standard run through of famous Masters moments from #10 down to #2, but then #1 comes out of NO WHERE, with no justification for why it’s the number one Master’s moment. It’s baffling, and I’ll give you all a hint why…Mike Weir…enjoy!

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4 responses to “Georgia Natives at The National – (via Gate City Sports)

  1. Mike Weir is number one in the video because it’s a TSN ( a Canadian TV network ) top ten countdown. So it’s biased towards the Canadian Lefty.

  2. Took me 2.7 seconds to realize that’s the voice of the great Rod Smith, veteran anchor of TSN Sportcentre. I could recognize that smooth baritone from a mile away. And Mike Weir’s triumph at Augusta is that of Legend, in which we will gather the grandchildren around the campfire to tell them about the crafty wedge work of Mike Weir as he entered the torture chamber with another legend, the formidable Len Mattiace. Simply, the best, easy call from the production team at TSN.

    1. Do the Canadians not have any honour?? How could their bias for this diminutive little man waving pixie dust on his way to donning the green jacket and cashing that big cheque be so coloured?? This behaviour cannot be condoned. I harbour grave misgivings about these rumours of our northern neighbours up in “America’s hat” vigourously glamourizing the triumph of their saviour, Mike Weir. Excuse my candour (perhaps Rod Smith isn’t my flavour) but I know I’m not alone in saying that I’m not clamouring for any more of these TSN golf countdowns, at least not until Graham DeLaet wins. Go televise the Grey Cup or something. Eh?

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