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Happy Monday – Man Crashes through Pro-Shop Ceiling

On behalf of us all here at NLU, I’d like to thank For The Win’s Chris Chase for sharing this video of a man crashing through the roof of a Pro-Shop. It’s made my Monday exponentially better.

‘Hey Ron’ – Could you ask for a better reaction from the pro-shop guy? Guy falls like a sack of bricks. You can even see his dome piece bounce off the floor, and how do these guys ¬†react? With about as much emotion as Duffner when he stuffs a wedge to six feet.

And then Billy, tells him not to move. At first, I thought it was because he’s concerned about broken bones. But no, we soon realize, it’s so he can get his camera. Billy, Ron, we salute you.

This may be how Jean Van De Velde ¬†felt after Carnoustie in 1999 (Paul Lawrie definitely reminds me of Billy…).

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