Your update in four words: It’s Jimmy Walker’s world.

His mark of 320 not only leads the current year Index by a significant margin, it also leads all historical YOTTOs by a large margin. It’s the biggest, most hostile takeover any of us have seen since measurement began in 1991. Tiger Woods’ mark of 263 from the 1999 season is the current gold standard, but Mr. Walker is making it look minuscule at the moment. There’s a lot of season left for Jimmy to come back to Earth, and certainly the smart money says that’s an inevitability, but a bar-raising, next-level takeover is at least in play right now…and that’s pretty cool.

Some #PipingHotQuickHits:

  • DJ’s T2 once again makes him a strong YOTTOer with a mark of 149. Currently hovering in the top-10 through top-20 historical range. If he finds a win or two the rest of the way, especially at a major, 2013-14’s dominant storyline could end up being the emergence of DJ as legit top-5 player.
  • Ryan Moore and Chris Kirk are hemorrhaging money share right now. They need to keep cashing big checks to remain at the forefront of YOTTO attention.
  • Two NLU favorites because of their style and demeanor, Pat Perez and Will MacKenzie, continue to play well and should be around the top-10 for 2013-14 YOTTOs. We’d love to see one, or both, bank a win soon. The Tour is a better place with these two prominently involved.

(If you’ve read all this and are wondering what the hell YOTTO is, please read this. Current year and historical scores shown here.)