Got a YOTTO update, y’all!

Here’s the color-coding key relating to player’s names:

Thoughts this week:

1) Thoughts and prayers to Jimmy Walker’s Genghis Khan-like YOTTO campaign. Actually, that’s a bit over dramatic–he can get back into the rarefied air that is Tiger ’99 , but he’s gonna have to bank some more wins. I’m not saying that’s impossible, I’m just saying I ain’t counting on it. Top-10 all-time YOTTO is firmly in play though.

2) Bubba, DJ, Pat Reed and Harris English are still your fearsome foursome making a certifiable leap this year. Each won between $1 to $3 million last year, and each is poised to significantly increase that take this year. With a major win, your POY favorite is undoubtedly in this group (unless someone goes ballistic this spring/summer).

3) Three guys who didn’t earn a penny on Tour last year are making their respective names and presences felt this year as shown in our YOTTO Index. We know all about Vic Dubuisson’s locks and moxy, and Chesson Hadley has ‘snapped’ up attention with his win in Puerto Rico and strong play in Florida, but the name not many people are talking about is Will MacKenzie. The two-time Tour winner has found great form, reeling off 8 top-25’s in 12 events, including 4 top-10’s (as many as he had in the previous five years combined). More than that, though, he’s still exuding crazy amounts of cool. In a February article, MacKenzie credited his improved play on his impending divorce, which is bizarrely awesome. And hey, good news for the ladies too!

4) The last player worth discussing this week is Ryo (from Sergio) Ishikawa. Still just 22 years old, Ryo finally appears to be converting the hype and talent into real results. In 12 events this season he’s already posted career highs in top-25’s (7), top-10’s (3), and money earned ($1.13 million to date). He sits #12 in the YOTTO Index and would seem to be here for the duration of the year. He’s done all this through outstanding iron play–he ranks among Tour leaders in approach proximity from multiple distances: #1 from 75-100yds, #7 from 100-125yds, #4 from 125-150yds, #3 from 150-175yds, and #34 from 175-200yds. If he can nuke that flatstick for a week or two (ranks 122nd in strokes gained putting), he should have a good chance at earning his first win.