That’s your most current top-25 Index. You’ll probably notice the color-coding of guys’ names. That’s new this week. It directly corresponds to the column ’13 % of Purse, which is the reference point by which we are measuring 2014 YOTTOs (have no idea what YOTTO is? Read here). We’ve color-coded names based on what the percentage of 2013 total purse won translated to in dollars. Here’s the code specifically:

So, for instance, a guy like Vic Dubuisson won zero PGA (Official and Unofficial) dollars last year. Therefore, his starting point as we measure and track his 2014 YOTTO score is 0.00%. In other words, every dollar Vic earns increases his 2014 YOTTO mark. Conversely, a guy like Jason Day won $3.625 million last year, which means he’s gonna have to earn a nice chunk of change this year just to first breakeven from a YOTTO perspective, let alone begin accumulating positive YOTTO (the fact he’s near the top should be a clue to how good his year has been, and the kind of leap he’s making).

A YOTTO score of ‘100,’ therefore, in 2014 for both Vic and Jason Day should be thought about a little differently because of this. Guys with high-hurdles to clear from relatively successful 2013’s have a much higher degree of difficulty in 2014, and thus should be celebrated accordingly. (Note: this is all leading toward the creation of YOTTO tiers once I summon the requisite energy to do so, ideally with some creative labels. Please drop ideas/suggestions in the comments if you’re so inclined).

So with all that out of the way, there are a few interesting takeaways thus far:

1) Of our current top-25, the breakdown of players based on 2013 earnings goes like this:

  • $0 – 5 players
  • $1 to $500k – 6 players
  • $500k to $1M – 1 player
  • $1M to $2M – 7 players
  • $2M to $3M – 3 players
  • $3M to $5M – 3 players
  • $5M to $7M – 0 players
  • Greater than $7M (aka Tiger) – 0 players

Guys who earned $1M or less last year are basically announcing themselves to the masses (Dubuisson, Hedley, Renner). Guys above $1M are making certifiable leaps thus far this year, to varying degrees (Walker and Reed to Ryder Cuppers for instance).

2) Speaking of Jimmy Walker, he’s fallen behind Tiger’s 1999 YOTTO high-water mark of 263. Which means he’s liable to win another tournament here soon.

3) The population of guys who made more than $5 million last year consists of the fivesome of Tiger, Stenson, Mickelson, Snedeker, and Kuchar. They currently occupy the rankings in spots #326 (Kuch) and #331 through #334 (out of 334) in this year’s Index. Some of that is model bias as explained above, but it’s also pretty spotty play by the group thus far. With the reach-around schedule having gone live, it ain’t like this year is really that young either.

4) The ‘It’ Group this year (obligatory so far) is Walker, Bubba, DJ, Reed, English, and Day. Those are your POY candidates. Should be among the Augusta favorites too (along with the usual suspects).