“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”

-Winston Churchill-

We all remember the year 2000. After we survived Y2K and spent months going through the Pop-Tart stash you had stored up in preparation for all of our computer systems breaking (? is that what our fear was on Y2K? Maybe I don’t really actually remember). The presidential election in November of that year came down to the state of Florida, where it was initially erroneously called in favor of Gore, then erroneously called in favor of Bush, only to lead to a painful month of counts, recounts, hanging chads, butterfly ballots, controversy, and supreme court rulings. Eventually….

I am proud to say that I have learned from this lesson in history, and refused to make a final ruling on the 2015 Saucies until the year truly ended. The voting could not have been any closer, and every time I checked it, the leader seemed to change, yet the lead never expanding to more than 10 votes. I lost sleep over the matter, consulted with friends on what to do, and was a step short of seeking actual therapy. But when I awoke in the morning afternoon of January 1, 2016, we had a winner. And by God was it close:

A mere four votes separated these two titans of the sauce industry, but in a year where things did not go well for either of the two, it obviously went a lot better for Phil than it did for Tiger. I agree with the public’s decision on the important issue at hand, and respect the democratic process in which these results were achieved.

Phil’s wave to a freaking boat at the PGA Championship is your winner of the 2015 Saucies.

For the entirety of the bracket, see here. Thanks to all that participated, and may the sauce be with you in 2016.