The Big Cat isn’t exactly the best social media user out there. He only follows 19 twitter accounts, most of which are clearly for business. Sprinkled in there is his girlfriend Lindsay Vonn, his friend Notah Begay, and his niece Cheyenne Woods. His messages on there are so structured and guided that it’s pretty safe to assume that its his henchmen making the actual posts.

However, on Instagram, “Tiger” follows exactly two people (quotes because it’s surely not him running the actual account). Not that interesting, right? Lindsay, and probably Cheyenne, right?

Cheyenne is on instagram. So it’s gotta be her right? Well his first follow is Lindsay. But the other one….

Ok, who the hell is Jully Reynals?

Oooooook who is this? Google is not much of a help. And why is “Tiger” following this girl? He doesn’t follow his own niece, but he follows some model named Jully Reynals? He doesn’t follow Nike Golf?? Can some one shed some light on this?

This is literally someone’s JOB. To run Tiger’s social media accounts. What is going on here?

Some more pics:

Update: Unfollowed.