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Moe Norman has been called “The Mysterious Genius of Golf.” His swing, his mannerisms, and his lifestyle were unusual to say the least: Moe played very quickly, never took a practice swing, often repeated phrases when talking, and lived in motel rooms most of this life. Moe, who died in 2004 at age 75, suffered from crippling insecurity and introversion, which kept him from succeeding at the highest levels of play. Yet Tiger Woods has said that only Moe and Ben Hogan actually “owned” their swings, and Moe described himself as “the happiest guy on two feet.” In Moe and Me, Lorne Rubenstein, a sports journalist who knew Moe for 40 years, examines Moe Norman’s unique swing, his character, and how he lived his life well, despite being limited in significant ways. Rubenstein also offers his views on what made Moe special and what this most sensitive and peculiar man meant to him and to others.

Full disclosure: this is a book I have not read yet but greatly look forward to doing so this month. It comes very highly recommended via several people over at the Refuge, so many thanks to everyone for the recommendation. They’re always very much appreciated. If you’ve missed any previous month’s selections, you can find them in the Reading Room. Also, subscribe to the TrapDraw podcast on iTunes (or you can listen through our website HERE) to hear conversations with the author of each month’s pick.