This month is exciting for me because I’m going to read a book I haven’t read before, by an author whose name I know quite well but whose work I do not. The pick is Herbert Warren Wind’s The Story of American Golf: Its Champions and Its Championships. Released in 1975, it chronicles the roots of golf in America all the way up through the time of publishing. Wind is a name I have grown to know but is a real blind spot for me. I look forward to going about changing that a bit.

The description of the book is as follows:

Here, in words & pictures, the whole story of American golf unfolds, from the inspiration of the Scottish game for the exclusive entertainment of millionaires in Newport, Tuxedo Park, & on Long Island & the golf madness that swept Chicago in 1895, down to the present day [1975]. From the triumphs of Walter Travis & Jerome Travers to the glorious 1975 Masters, here are the developments of the sport, the idiosyncrasies of the players, the courses, the tournaments, the club life, the historical & sociological insights, the drama & humor of golf.