This may be cheating a little since he’s sitting T3 at the Open currently, but whether he shoots 66 or 76 on Sunday, the point will remain the same. Like a teenage girl hitting puberty, Scott Langley is going to bust out in a big way in 2014-2015. It’s, the Year of the Takeover.

At 5’10” and a svelte 155 pounds, Langley doesn’t fit the profile of the typical bomber that we fall for here at NLU. What he lacks in distance off the tee, he makes up for it with a buttery wedge game and a silky smooth putter. It’s not a coincidence that Langley attending the University of Illinois, aka the Steve Stricker School of Efficiency. The lefty goes left about as often as Donald Trump does, eliminating the left side of courses by favoring the right side over 60% of the time, which is basically redefining how to eliminate the two way miss.

Admittedly, my judgment may be clouded by the fact that he’d donned his 61 degree wedge with the greatest stamp in PGA Tour history.

Hope @NoLayingUp is ready for some #Toursauce with a side of crowd acknowledgement this weekend.

— Scott Langley (@Scott_Langley) August 28, 2014

The #TourSauce enthusiast began his breakout in 2013-2014, with his best finish coming at the Valspar Championship where he finished in 3rd. If you just look at his finishing results, it may not scream “breakout candidate.” But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll see that he was 27th on tour in scoring average before the cut. Now that he has a taste of what competing on the PGA Tour is like, and he’s banked over a million bucks in the process, I’m expecting him to string together four solid rounds on a more frequent basis, win an event this season, and then nail “The Interview” on the 18th green with Feherty:

@NoLayingUp plenty more where that came from

— Scott Langley (@Scott_Langley) August 16, 2014

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