Twitter is awesome, and so is Peter Kostis.

I wiped eight months worth of dust off my clubs this past weekend, and my man Julien got me on film swinging out of my shoes with a driver. He then spliced it together into a “Help Me Kostis” segment like you typically see on your Sunday afternoon CBS coverage. I had no idea this was even possible (all credit to Julien for this video):

I couldn’t let this video work go to waste, so I sought the help I so desperately needed. And Peter did not disappoint:

@NoLayingUp @TheFoodSnobFrog I'll be back to you tomorrow! Can you handle the truth? LOL

— Peter Kostis (@peterjkostis) May 25, 2015

I received the following advice via DM from Mr. Kostis:

“Chris. Good stuff. 1st, very athletic, good range of shoulder turn, good head position. Bad Stuff: bad grip, footwork, hip turn, and center of gravity control.

Fixes: Get right hand grip more on top and in the fingers. Roll and release the left ankle so the left knee can get behind the ball better. You must turn the hips better going back but its the knees and feet that restrict the hips. Never restrict the lower body in the backswing.

Google Snead’s swing and copy his footwork and hip turn. Then you won’t get off your right leg so son and lose so much power. Hope it helps!”

Peter Kostis is awesome.