A collection of the best golf tweets for the month of January:

@NoLayingUp Shouldn’t letting a kid stand here when Webb is about to play be considered child endangerment? pic.twitter.com/Xk9cSvSaVV

— Jesse Larson (@JesseLarson) January 17, 2015

Jimmy Walker just went so far left that Mark Rolfing can't even describe the area. pic.twitter.com/DNUVKMmeso

— Adam Sarson (@Adam_Sarson) January 19, 2015

I said nice shot to a guy hitting by me on the range, and he said, "your voice sounds a lot like Morgan Pressel's" #Imusthaveadistinctvoice

— Morgan Pressel (@mpressel) January 15, 2015

Phil should pull an Oprah @WMPhoenixOpen & have @CallawayGolf put a sleeve of Chrome Softs under every seat. Announce it before he tees off.

— Ryan Ballengee (@RyanBallengee) January 14, 2015

4 years later, Rory finally finds his ball on 10. (via @HSBC_Golf) pic.twitter.com/DzE5AeCJB8

— Two Inches Short (@TwoInchesShort) January 14, 2015

Haters: pic.twitter.com/JDxEpzoC6q

— Harry Arnett (@HarryArnettCG) January 13, 2015

Asking Patrick Reed about his confidence level is getting into trolling area, Sands. You had that one in the holster!

— Shane Bacon (@shanebacon) January 13, 2015

Say it's just you and Rory. SAY IT, PATTY!

— Kyle Porter (@KylePorterCBS) January 13, 2015


@NoLayingUp @skerestesi @droopy_dru little wet in Vegas today #toursauce #desertgolf pic.twitter.com/TyZTtop3pK

— Todd Hutton (@thutt10) January 11, 2015

@shanebacon @NoLayingUp This, however, could be #toursauce. The look away club slam after Bae splits the fairway. pic.twitter.com/JzBocaLK4Y

— Sean Steinemann (@SMSteinemann) January 10, 2015

@NoLayingUp new @GolfMagazine article had to be inspired by #toursauce Basically Tour Sauce 101. Class is in session pic.twitter.com/HEcIeZGu9O

— Kyle Nathe (@KyleNathe) January 9, 2015

.@NoLayingUp the entourage with backpacks watching silently as you putt #toursauce pic.twitter.com/npeEfW5tw6

— Carl Schimenti (@Carl_Schimenti) January 7, 2015

Takeaways from Tiger's presser: He was in a really good mood, he looks slimmed down, he is still lying about his tooth.

— Trevor Reaske (@TrevorReaske) January 27, 2015

Love watching The Big Break when dudes are like "Will I ever be the best player in the world? We'll never know." Actually, I think we know.

— Kevin Van Valkenburg (@KVanValkenburg) January 27, 2015

The amateur playing in Reed-Kuchar group just made natural eagles on both back-9 par 5s at PGA West. He'll be drug tested after the round.

— Ryan Lavner (@RyanLavnerGC) January 23, 2015

Webb Simpson currently texting the organizers of the Humana Challenge to get himself declared the winner instead of Bill Haas.

— Shane Ryan (@ShaneRyanHere) January 25, 2015

Solid one handed follow through into directional point #TourSauce from the random guy we were paired with last week pic.twitter.com/YhaHnSW3th

— One Putt Blunder (@oneputtblunder) January 25, 2015


With a name and pic like this you boys know who to pick first @NoLayingUp @KylePorterCBS #firstrounder pic.twitter.com/7wvBzQ1jnV

— Brooks Koepka (@BKoepka) January 21, 2015

The @PGATOUR most serious golfer. Seriously. He demands you take him seriously. cc @NoLayingUp pic.twitter.com/cjY2MSXQf9

— doug albers (@14STIX) January 19, 2015

@bubbawatson: Photobomb @GCMorningDrive #PGAShow2015 pic.twitter.com/OiwVCuKW8p@NoLayingUp tour sauce from the show director?

— Tyler Williams (@therealtdiddy) January 21, 2015

Some bonus, non golf tweets:

"Hahaha" = I'm actually laughing out loud. "Haha" = Expressionless; I don't know how else to reply. "Ha" = I'm actually angry.

— Ashley Mayo (@AshleyKMayo) December 30, 2014

My friends in Brooklyn are already over this week's blizzard; more concerned with heat wave in June at this point

— jerry (@NomDeJer) January 26, 2015

(Cover photo courtesy of www.golficity.com.)