Greetings from Scottsdale. Left home this AM at 4 and decamped for Scottsdale. DJ, Soly, and I from Jax, and Neil from JFK. Stay tuned for some #content this weekend.

The trip out here was a smooth one, with cameos from Sir Charles Barkley and Stew Cink (no clue where he was going), two of the proudest bald men on the planet. Stew rolled up to the gate with his Trackman in hand and Charles proceeded to make fun of the fact that Stew was toting it proudly. If we’re in the nest here (I believe we are), then I’ll riff on this a bit more. Why can’t guys put their Trackmen (plural?) in a large bag. Every single time I see a guy with a Trackman they want you to know they’ve got their Trackman. I don’t roll around with my laptop in a small neoprene case apart from my backpack or briefcase. Do better guys. Anyway, back to the weekend. The number of logo polos and bachelor parties on our flights foretell the chicanery on tap tomorrow.

Since we’re in said nest I really don’t have a whole lot to riff on. The major stories were beaten to death this week (JB’s egregious pace of play, Soly refining his Noren take on the podcast, and JDay low-key skipping the pro-am and then everyone dapping him for having his legs about him on Sunday during the playoff). The sponsor exemptions this week are a mixed bag: Julian Suri is a good one (despite the fact that he #ejected hard), Ricky Barnes not so much (despite that Arizona alum status and killing the *thank you* note game). I keep promising it, but the sponsor exemption spreadsheet is looking way too good.

DJ watched The Rock for the first time on the plane (basically at gunpoint – he’s been refusing to watch it for years) and said he was underwhelmed. (D.J. edit: I said I was “whelmed.”) Neil may not talk to him for the rest of the weekend.

As for what I hope to see this weekend: Ben An in the cut. Big fan, he’ll make waves this year on the international scene. Ricktator, DBstraitvibin, and Chesson‘s redemption tour setting the pace. Biggest news? Bagdad Gerry and DeChambeau lurking – perfect villains to watch enter the coliseum this weekend and see if they come out alive. Add Ollie, Hadwin, JT, Rahm, Reed, Grillo and Kizzire to the mix and we’ve got ourselves a golf tournament. Last thing, it’s always a treat to watch Stricker hone his craft.

Anyway, we’re gonna go watch some golf.


— Tron Carter (@TronCarterNLU) February 2, 2018