If you haven’t already, let’s thank Carl Steward of San Jose Mercury News for this gem:

Clint Eastwood Saves Life of Choking AT&T Tournament CEO (link).

First, what a headline. We should all aspire to have our names associated with such heroics. Now, let’s set the scene: Steve John, CEO of Monterey Peninsula Foundation and AT&T Pro-Am general manager, gets real aggressive with the artisan cheese plate (we’ve all been there) while shaking hands and kissing babies at a tournament mixer. When laughs turned to coughs, Dirty Harry sees that look he’s seen a hundred times saying, “The look on Steve’s face was different than when somebody is just coughing or joking around. I looked in his eyes and saw that look of panic people have when they see their life passing before their very eyes.” He doesn’t hesitate but instead, an 83 year young Eastwood holsters the 45 in favor of his God given guns and performs a textbook, bear hug Hemlich. Early accounts from the scene indicate he lifted Mr. John off his feet three times launching the chunk of cheese back out the way it came. Read that sentence again; the guy is Eighty-Three.

NLU salutes an American icon but also Mr. John for attacking the finger foods like an unprotected green on a reachable par 5…respect.

Artisan Cheese Aficionado