We’ve been slacking on material lately due to some real world stuff lately, but recently I asked our followers to send in the best golf photos they have, and figured it would be cool to share the results. Thanks to everyone that sent in responses. Happy Friday everyone.

@NoLayingUp "Never Lay Up" pic.twitter.com/99QGzNihKR

— Joe Salls (@djsalls) July 23, 2014

@NoLayingUp Prob the most amazing course I've played, The River at Keystone,CO pic.twitter.com/8xks8vxVFf

— Chris (@cbursta) July 23, 2014

@NoLayingUp After a blast of rain and wind, the clouds peeled back and washed Chambers Bay in sunshine. pic.twitter.com/TZFZwus4Nx

— Bryan McLean (@Golfbybryan) July 23, 2014

@NoLayingUp Busting one into the water in honor of my late grandfather with first ever club he made for me. #RIP https://t.co/3DmHqabj4L

— Matt Diederichs (@mattddrchs) July 23, 2014

@NoLayingUp he may not be able to hit driver….but the bourbon is another story pic.twitter.com/cYHaa3kKtT

— Tim Lastivka (@timlastivka) July 23, 2014

my 2yr old already working on her flop shot. live by the flop, die by the flop. RT @NoLayingUp pic.twitter.com/lVwx3OZn5g

— birth.golf.death. (@birthgolfdeath) July 23, 2014

@NoLayingUp my brother @Adam_Sarson, our Dad, and I just north of Toronto last autumn. pic.twitter.com/H5xRskmu1j

— Craig Sarson (@CSarson) July 23, 2014

@NoLayingUp Queenstown Golf Club, New Zealand. pic.twitter.com/HN3ZBDJjjh

— Drew DeHennis (@DrewDns) July 23, 2014

@NoLayingUp worst rule ever! #obvioslywasnotfollowed pic.twitter.com/IapkAydf8T

— Sarah Endacott (@sendacott) July 23, 2014

@NoLayingUp We carried a cooler for 36 holes in the rain. pic.twitter.com/qJgy8yGSbi

— Brent Davis (@BrentHDavis) July 23, 2014

@NoLayingUp Bandon Trails #5: "Get In the Hole!" pic.twitter.com/8WNdMZeJa7

— W'ern Golf Alliance (@westerngolf) July 23, 2014

@NoLayingUp can't see much of me. But that ball is down the pipe. pic.twitter.com/0ZB0uAqhko

— Tom (@TommyPickles777) July 23, 2014

@NoLayingUp At Royal County Down with my brother and friends, June 2011, when Rory won US Open. pic.twitter.com/f2ggMVtAQo

— Chris Riley (@riley1535) July 23, 2014

@NoLayingUp No 17 at Royal Portrush, giant, man-eating trap. Of course I put my drive there. pic.twitter.com/hsY3XwvbAU

— Chris Riley (@riley1535) July 23, 2014

@NoLayingUp Which is prettier: my golf swing or the sunset? #thingofbeauty pic.twitter.com/HI9GqsgDDc

— GinoCanChug (@GinoCanChug) July 24, 2014