We certainly appreciate the feedback and the sharing of NLU’s primer, How to Act Like a Tour Pro. If you watched CBS’ coverage of the Waste Management Phoenix Open today you witnessed Bubba Watson put on an absolute clinic in many of the areas we discussed in the piece (he also managed to carve out time to take his douchey persona to the next level). His shtick plays well to the masses, so in a sense, the highest attended golf tournament in the world is perfect for him. But we see right through him. Here’s a recap (and thank you to many of our tweeps for pointing these out):

Bubba Watson with the wayward directional point…. #toursauce @NoLayingUp

— Colby Work (@colbywork) February 1, 2014

@NoLayingUp There is is! #toursauce #bubbafraud pic.twitter.com/O9bztEqksQ

— Justin Rezkalla (@2PuttBogey) February 1, 2014

@NoLayingUp @Fehertwit he pointed like a pro, Like Rory, he too must have read your article in order to better play the part #ItsSpreading

— David Goldstein (@DSGinATL) February 1, 2014

There was the wayward drive point on 11. Then on 13. He then called in an official (this will be coming in “How to Act Like a Tour Pro: Part II”) on 13, and took an extremely questionable drop out from underneath a bush due to a supposed hole created by a “burrowing animal” being in his potential swing path.

Next, on 15 he managed to pull the “Club Stop” and the “Blame the Camera” move within a 6 second span!

Bubba is spraying #TourSauce all over the yard today. The mid swing stop AND camera point! https://t.co/tnpOEy0V4d

— No Laying Up (@NoLayingUp) February 1, 2014

By the time he actually got around to hitting his tee ball, Bubba proceeded to hook the drive (with the “Directional Point”), and again called for the rules offical. Nick Faldo called it “Day One Stuff,” regarding Bubba’s question on the ruling.

Following a missed 7-footer for birdie on 16, he went for the “Blame the Green” move. He actually has a pretty good case here, but it still makes the list.

Lastly, his drive on 17 went way right, and he went for the “Directional Point” yet again, and even added his own twist to it. He didn’t even bother to look at the shot, instead choosing to look straight down to the ground. That’s eight (8!!!!) blatant #TourSauces in a seven hole span! And that’s only what was shown on TV. Thanks to Bubba for putting on a spectacular #TourSauce performance today. Bravo.

It’s a good thing this isn’t a drinking game.