A few weeks before the Ryder Cup last year, I actually floated the idea out loud on a podcast that Reed should consider giving up his spot on the Ryder Cup team because he was playing so poorly. If I had any fear that someone would actually go back and listen to that, I would delete it, but I’m going to leave it there whenever I start to get too cocky (see below). Since then, he balled outta control on both the scoreboard and the #TourSauce at the Ryder Cup, torching the foothills of Scotland in his path. Drake would be envious of how fast I went 0 to 100 in attaching myself to Reed’s bandwagon, holding up my 100/1 Masters ticket as if it was already cashed, and I had bought a WWE belt with the winnings. This really may be the year of Patrick Reed.

Our Picks

  • Reed (20/1): WINNER
  • Matsuyama: T3
  • Horschel: T22

In honor of the late Stuart Scott….. “Holla at a playa when you see him in the street!”

The Takeaway

1) Reed’s resume listing after the WGC Cadillac Championship last year ironically may have caused us to completely fail to properly evaluate his talent (great job this week with the top 5 jokes on twitter this week though guys…. Fresh!). Four wins before the age of 25 has him in pretty special company, and he just managed to win a tournament while barely making anything outside five feet (at .19 strokes gained putting, he basically had an average tour pro putting week, which is rare for a winner). I’m just happy to have another young American to root for, and for someone that helps move the needle a little bit for the golf world. I predicted two wins for him this year, but that would mean he’s going to go winless after he wins the Masters…

This is a big win for Reed. Mainly because we all like him now.

— Trevor Reaske (@TrevorReaske) January 13, 2015

2) We debuted the #PrayForTedScott meter this week, and I’m pretty sure Bubba was trying to break the gauge off before we reach the ides of January. Here’s a snippet of what we have in store for 2015:

@pjswma @nolayingup @ryan_dagner GIF right here. pic.twitter.com/hU7mxLMqVq

— Adam Sarson (@Adam_Sarson) January 10, 2015

Then this:

Bubba Watson: man of the people. https://t.co/ZkCwgDOixe

— Chris Chaney (@Wrong_Fairway) January 10, 2015

3) Count me out on this whole “teasing Matsuyama about his English” thing. I saw it in a couple of places on twitter this week, and mostly from golf media types. And people wonder why golfers (and pro athletes) hate talking to the media? As someone that is attempting to learn a second language, I cringe at the thought of discouraging someone from learning our language. Japanese and English are two exceptionally different languages, and it’s remarkably intimidating to speak your second language to a native speaker, especially when you don’t do it well. I get laughed at for my horrific Dutch by some of my Dutch friends, and it makes me terrified to even try to speak it. Matsuyama has to do it on a much more public stage, so I can only imagine the agonizing apprehension to try. There’s a saying here in Europe, and it’s very accurate:

“If you speak three languages, you’re trilingual. If you speak two languages, you’re bilingual. If you speak one language, you’re American.”

Who are we to tease someone for their ability to speak a second language, when many of us can’t speak a second one ourselves? It’s ignorant.

4) I don’t have a hot take, or anything interesting to say on Jason Day, other than his final round 62 has my attention. I don’t even think he made my quick list of top 10 things I’m excited for in 2015 because I just can’t ever rely on his health (and because this season is already going to be legend- wait for it…), but this really could be the breakout year. Chris Kirk also shot 62 on Sunday, but I also tend to shoot my best rounds when I’m playing by myself and I take some mulligans.

5) The coverage this week was predictably poor. With only 34 players to show, there’s only so much Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller can do to fill the airtime to prevent another diatribe from Mark Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele Rolfing on the difference between the Trade Winds and the Kona Winds. We get it man. You live in Hawaii. There wasn’t a blade of grass installed on this course without your approval. Having never been to Hawaii myself, I can say one thing for sure: the locals hate you.

6) Adam Sarson has a solid recap of the week as well.

#TourSauce of the Week

This brings a little baby tear to my eye. We want to see some more sauce from the ams!

@NoLayingUp @skerestesi @droopy_dru little wet in Vegas today #toursauce #desertgolf pic.twitter.com/TyZTtop3pK

— Todd Hutton (@thutt10) January 11, 2015

Shot Tracker of the Week

Jayyyyyson Day (butchered Aussie accent) almost aced the par 4 14th on Saturday, only to miss the putt.

Oil Spill of the Week (Brought to you by BP)

Kirk’s spill on Friday is what put him DFL going into the Sunday round. If there was anyone watching him, I sure hope this required a #TourSauce point.

Looking Ahead

  • Sony Open in Hawaii. Full field event that always has some hysterical names. Preview coming shortly.

(cover photo courtesy of Golf Week)