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#TourSauce Roundup for PGA Championship Week

Back in 2014, we debuted our #TourSauce series. Since then, the phenomenon has caught fever in the golf world, but along the way, the definition of what is #TourSauce has been blurred to the point where it is in danger of it losing its identity. In trying to repair the #TourSauce brand, I will periodically check in with some updates from around the world in the sauce. If you’re still struggling with the definition, please check this link and read through the series. In summary, #TourSauce is a series of things that only make sense to be doing if you are a PGA Tour pro.

Tour pros spray sauce all of the time. What we like to point out are the truly unique and hilarious occurrences of the sauce. A quick search of the hashtag on twitter gives us the following for this week.

Bones keeping the ball dry for Phil:

J-Day throwing on the sponsor watch in time for the interview:

Rory with the twirl, and the divot tap that does absolutely nothing:

An example of the sauce from a Web.com player this week:

The Mackenzie Tour is getting in on the action and teaching some lessons:

Willett with a truly special Premature Tee Grab (ignore the typo):

Kelly Kraft is not pleased:

Chuck is not a fan of Tiger’s sauce:

Walker gets the club in the back before the ball has even landed:

Some Top Golf sauce:

J-Day mixing in some ProTracer sauce:

Always love when the volunteers get in on the action:

Bubba helping the marshalls out as Sergio refuses to:

Quality team sauce here:

Buddy of mine runs into Scott Langley at the airport reading NLU. Sauce sprayed at the airport:

A few of these could be in the running to make the final 16 for the annual Saucies, to be held this fall. For last year’s contenders, see here.

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Inventor of #TourSauce, always waits for the green to clear, and club twirl savant.

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