We have a year-long internal birdie competition at our home course of Jax Beach. The competition is simple–each of us most birdie every hole on the course before the end of the year. And because he’s basically a scratch, Soly has to also eagle each of the three par-5s. We also included Neil, which could be construed as a shakedown of sorts, I guess, but whatever.

As far as rules go, there’s only one: birdies must come as part of at least nine holes of regular play. In other words, we cannot go out and play the same hole over and over again.

The stakes are equally simple–anybody who does not complete the challenge must throw $100 into a pot, which we’ll use to have a fun night out sometime in early 2020.

2019 Jax Beach Birdie Challenge

Hole DJ Tron Soly Randy Neil
1 X X X
2 X ** X
3 X X X X X
4 X X X
5 X X
6 X X X X
7 X X X
8 X X
9 X X X
10 X
11 X
12 X X
13 X ** X
14 X X
15 X X X
16 X
17 X X X
18 X X ** X