Was vibing out in a Boston coffee shop recently when I turned to Neil and asked him what No Laying Up meant to him. After brief contemplation he looked me dead in the eyes and said, “it’s about feeling good while the ball sails OB.”


I think that hits close to the mark. Detachment from the result; commitment to the process. It’s the heart of not laying up on the course and a guiding principle for how we try to run our site and live our lives.

No Laying Up’s core philosophy is to engage in smart, nuanced discussion around all things golf. In doing so we feel it our responsibility to be open and honest when called for, but also to inject humor and levity wherever and whenever possible.

If you find this resonates with your golf game, if not your general worldview, we’d love to meet and hear from you. Please feel free to leave us a comment, give us feedback, and share any other ideas you want. We aspire for this small corner of the Internet to become a sublimely chill 19th hole where we can kick back, have a few pops while discussing this great game and generally talk a little junk amongst friends.

For more information about the genesis of No Laying Up, read this recent profile by U.S. Golf TV.

Welcome, and on behalf of all the guys, I hope you enjoy.



No Laying Up

Soly – Inventor of #TourSauce, always waits for the green to clear, and club twirl savant.

Neil – NLU Merchandise Czar. An athlete with a club, not a golfer; forever chasing the elusive power fade, and yes, he’s been Shooter McGavin for Halloween.

Tron Carter – Spicy. NLU’s resident curmudgeon. Wannabe media critic. Arbiter of all things “pop.” Passionate proponent of taking driver off the deck. Native of Atlanta, recent resident of Boston, now residing in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Other interests include history, wine, and Michael Bay’s seminal masterpiece The Rock. Also Neil’s brother.

Big Randy – Perma-case of the yips inside 5 feet. Completely loses his swing at least once a year. No concept of what a good leave is. Harbors delusions of golf grandeur.