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Episode 17: The Journey of Tiger

This episode of the Trap Draw is a dive into the long, strange trip its been for Tiger Woods since the fateful Thanksgiving almost a decade ago. With Woods looking legitimately healthy and appearing to have his golf game back (as witnessed by his solo 2nd at the PGA Championship), we figured it a good time to appreciate the man, the golfer, and the icon by re-living where his journey has taken both him and us as fans. Our goal here is NOT to dig up all the sordid stuff to point and laugh, but instead to remember and catalog just how amazing, incredible, and frankly, absurd its been at times. In round-table format Tron, Big Randy, Soly and DJ Pie recount and discuss the highs and lows from Tiger’s last nine years, celebrating the crazy phenomenon that is The Cat. Strap in and enjoy this one as we travel down memory lane…


Note: we reference some videos during this podcast. Here are links to several:

Alex Micelli interview:

Bill Macatee at the Masters (bone pops out):

Tiger’s glutes deactivating:


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Perma-case of the yips inside 5 feet. Completely lose my swing at least once a year. No concept of what a good leave is. Harbor delusions of golf grandeur.

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