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On behalf of the NLU crew I am pleased to introduce a new voice within our emerging golf media conglomerate. We’re a pretty diverse crew (four white guys between the ages of 27 and 32), but we’re eternally striving to provide new perspectives. So naturally, we decided to bring on a blonde chick. Fear not though, she’s got some spicy takes. She’s not a Patrick Reed fan (and he blocked her to drive home that point), and fervently believes that you should ALWAYS go driver off the deck, that white belts are never acceptable, and that it is possible to try too hard on your #TourSauce (gotta be organic baby!) But seriously, we’re excited to bring Mattie-Lou Chandler on board.

If Mattie-Lou’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen her over on Fox Sports’ breaking down college football or ranting on the Wussification of America. While she’s not leaving her OKTC duties behind, she is stoked to dive deeper into the golf scene. MLC grew up in a golf family, spending the first week of every April at a small cash game over in East Georgia. While she loves a good stripe show, she finds it more intriguing when said stripe show is being put on by a “professional athlete” with prime dad-bod (looking at you Duf). MLC has been at almost every annual PGA Tour event played on U.S. soil, and she’ll check those last few stragglers off during the upcoming season. Mattie-Lou respects the grind and knows the game within the game.

As far as content goes, aside from salty critiques of Kuchar Skechers commercials and regular coverage of events, you’ll be getting weekly features…..Web Warrior Wednesday’s, Caddie Confidential, Dad Bod of the month, and a mailbag to help you explain to your significant other why golf matters. We can even branch off of golf in the female answered mailbag…Holiday gift giving is approaching and if you’re anything like me you need all the help you can get.

While MLC’s golf game may lack pop, her takes and takeaways are on point. Give her a follow on Twitter (@MattieLouOKTC), send some questions over for her weekly mailbag ([email protected]) and stay tuned for her to get the content flowing. Neil, Soly, Randy and I are happy to have you on board!

No Laying Up,


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Tron Carter - NLU's resident curmudgeon, wannabe media critic, fashion crusader, and arbiter of all things "pop." Passionate proponent of taking driver off the deck. Native of Atlanta, now residing in Jacksonville Beach after two quick, but beneficial years in Boston. Other interests include history, infrastructure, wine, and Michael Bay's seminal masterpiece The Rock. Also doing business as "Todd Schuster." [email protected]

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