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Episode 1: Jean van de Velde

It’s (finally) here! The debut episode of the Trap Draw podcast featuring myself and Tron Carter. As it’s British Open week that’s the main theme of episode 1. The first part of the show Tron and I riff on a number of subjects before giving way to a very special guest interview in the second half. We hope you enjoy and thank everybody for their extreme patience as we went about getting this off the ground.


Note: We’re efforting the Trap Draw podcast as it’s own show in the iTunes directory apart from the No Laying Up podcast mothership. Like anything, it’s a #Process and could take a few days to appear over there.


About the Author

Perma-case of the yips inside 5 feet. Completely lose my swing at least once a year. No concept of what a good leave is. Harbor delusions of golf grandeur.

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One response to “Episode 1: Jean van de Velde

  1. Unacceptable; itunes coming up blank as to be expected. Hope it appears soon, Trons candor is the perfect complement to Soly’s opinions.

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