2015 Saucies; Round 1

The #TourSauce has been sprayed all over the place in 2015. Back in January of 2014, we brought you How to Act Like a Tour Pro, Part I, then followed it with Part II, Part III, and finally, Part IV. Kyle Porter has given you the #TourSauce Power Rankings. Adam Sarson has a #TourSauce GIF collection. Even tour pros Scott Langley and Billy Horschel have taken their turn in stirring the sauce.

All year long (with your help of course), we’ve been pointing out the best and most unique #TourSauce moves on twitter. Below, we highlighted some of the most unique and hilarious sauce moments of the year. Now it’s your turn to really weigh in and help us award some lucky unsuspecting tour pro the prize of the most ridiculous sauce move of the year, in the second annual #Saucies.

Below you will find all of the matchups for round 1. The winners will move on from this round of 16 until an ultimate winner is crowned. As always, special thanks to Adam Sarson for the GIF’s and helping me compile the list.


Rory’s Disgusted Pose


Reed’s Tee Grab




Kevin Na Mad at Sawgrass


Matt Jones’ Reaction




Bubba’s Club Twirl


Tiger’s Twirl



Scott Brown’s Ace


Poulter’s Caddie



Phil’s Boat Wave


Rory Helicopter Finish



Bubba’s Spike Mark Blame


Spencer Levin’s Finish



Mid-Am Sauce


Scott Piercy’s Finish



Tiger’s Exaggeration


Rory’s Tantrum


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Saucies Round 1 2015

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Inventor of #TourSauce, always waits for the green to clear, and club twirl savant.

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  • Luke Graboyes

    Some unbelievable creativity from our contestants. Plenty of great moments to choose from this year. Watch out for Kevin Na, folks.

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  • White iverson

    You should make brackets for the saucies before the first round ends. My friends and I would love to do a saucies bracket challenge.

  • Peter McAlpine (@khunopie)

    A terrific compilation by NLU Industries Chairman Soly who, through his patient guidance and leadership has nurtured his NLU Team Players- “Tron”, “Big”, and the other guys whose names escape me, to an epic 2015 season of articles, twetes, pyroclastic takes and gratifying selfies of Poulteresque proportions.
    For this, and I’m sure I speak for golfers, the media and sports fans everywhere, I am giving the Saucy Lifetime Achievement Award™ (SLAA™) to Soly!
    Take a bow brah!
    In fact take a bow Team NLU!
    And finally, on Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks to the Golfing Gods for the great game and for a great 2015-16 reach-around season. I hope everyone feasts on a wonderful turkey and/or ham dinner, (except for me because I’m currently in Bangkok and the wife will be preparing green curry chicken as a reasonable substitute) and it’s all washed back with excessive quantities of your favorite delicious craft beer, or if necessary, Heineken.
    As always, cheers and Boo Ya

  • Felipe

    Mid-Air Sauce its just sooooooooo good. Number 1, by far.

  • Chris

    Mid am is going to a serious contender. Can you at least put Nathan smith’s name?? He’s played in more masters and walker cups than half of the pros.

  • CF Frost

    Phil’s boat wave is the sauciest of the saucy.

    • Toad Worthington

      Agreed. Phil: “The whole world is about ME.”

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