NLU Podcast, Episode 22: Scotland Golf Trip

This podcast is a bit of a change of pace from the normal podcast. I just got back from a five day golf trip through eastern Scotland, and we just had to talk about it. Joined by my buddies Scott Bishop and Chris Toomer, we tried really hard not to talk too much about our individual rounds, and tried to make it as interesting and helpful as possible. Spoiler alert, Scotland is amazing. None of this was paid for or sponsored, so we’re not not obligated to make this sound this amazing. It really is just that amazing.


I’ll update this with more pictures in the future. Carnoustie 18 Old Course 2 Old Course

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Inventor of #TourSauce, always waits for the green to clear, and club twirl savant.

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6 responses to “NLU Podcast, Episode 22: Scotland Golf Trip

  1. Loved the pod cast about Scotland and St Andrews in particular. One of my top 2 memories of playing golf was the Old Course. You play in Scotland enough you learn how to handle the rain, and umbrellas are not the way to go. Just use rain gloves and embrace the wet.
    My caddie at the Old Course tricked me into trying to hit the green on 17 after a nice drive to the middle of the fairway. I wanted to put a 3 iron to the front right, but he convinced me to “just hit your 3 wood like you have been doing all day and you will be fine”. Of course I pushed it 5 yards right and ended up 2 ft from the wall over the road. I’m convinced my caddie does this regularly since once we got to my ball he says “let me show you how to hit this one” and proceeded to pull one of my clubs and dropped a ball to show me how to bounce it off the road.
    Love all the courses in St Andrews and Kingsbarns is excellent.
    If you get a chance to go up north you have to play Royal Dornoch. I was my 2nd favorite course after the Old Course. And there are lots of great tracks in the region including Castle Stuart.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Love it! My friends and I got to go over and play some courses when we went for the Ryder Cup, and I actually went on an episode of Ru’s podcast to talk about our trip. I may have already commented this on the site somewhere but feel like this is the appropriate place to drop it in.


    Didn’t get the chance to play the Old Course but did get to putt around on the Himalayas and steal across 1/18 for a Swilcan Bridge pic.

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