NLU Podcast: Episode 1

As promised, we’ve finally gotten around to posting our first ever No Laying Up podcast. To say that we are not technology experts would be putting it as lightly as you could. Hell, we’re not journalists, reporters, or even professionals. We’re four dudes that enjoy drinking some beers and talking golf, which is exactly what we did. Fresh off a rain-soaked second round at the Heritage, and quite a few Michelobs deep, we pressed record and just let it go for an hour while we shot the breeze about a range of subjects. Truthfully, it’s not really even a podcast. We’re not pretending to be experts on these topics, but we had our recorder and decided to just let it fly.

This was recorded on Friday, April 18th, so Matt Kuchar had not yet shot a final round 64 to win the tournament. We burned on him, PGA Tour courses, Faldo playing in the Heritage, the 2014 Ryder Cup, and also the 2006 Ryder Cup.

There’s some foul language and amateur moments sprinkled throughout (namely, we talk over each other too much, Tron says “honestly” a couple hundred times, and we let our craving for tortilla chips and salsa take center stage), but that’s to be expected given our first crack at this. Overall, it turned out well though. If you’ve got a spare hour and want some good background noise while you’re at the office or at the gym, press play and enjoy. You can click the link below, or open it here via soundcloud. We’ll work on getting future podcasts on iTunes. Please give us your feedback once you’ve finished. 

About the Author

Inventor of #TourSauce, always waits for the green to clear, and club twirl savant.

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