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Zach Johnson Showered with Boo’s For Laying Up from 230

With a mere 231 yards into the 18th hole at the Palmer Private Course, Zach Johnson did what he does, which was lay up. This is our nightmare. The crowd (jokingly) threw some boo’s at him, to which he responded that he was in a divot. The Golf Channel zoomed in and Faldo called him out. See video below:

This layup was followed up by Holly Sonders of the Golf Channel going for the green from slightly closer. She didn’t make it over, but at least she tried. Who should be wearing the skirt?

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One response to “Zach Johnson Showered with Boo’s For Laying Up from 230

  1. My initial read of this headline had me thinking Boo Weekley, a lost bet, and a great story. Gotta admit, little disappointed for that not to be the case.

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